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$2,000 Offered For Franchisee Referrals

$2,000 Offered for Franchisee Referrals

During the months of July & August 2018 Seriously Addictive Mathematics – WA (S.A.M) is offering $2,000 for successful Franchisee Referrals!

To help us reach our growth projections for 2018, we are offering $2,000 as a “Thank you” for referring a new Franchisee.

We are seeking expressions of interest for suitable Franchisees in QLD, WA, NT and SA.  If you know of anyone who is looking for a new and exciting business opportunity in the shadow education sector, please put them in touch with us.  Make sure that they mention your name in the initial contact (or copy us in your recommendation email).

Phase 1 of our Franchising plan includes the establishment of Franchises in Metro areas and Regional areas, to ensure that S.A.M is accessible to all students within 15 – 20 minutes’ drive from their homes.  To achieve this coverage, we require passionate Franchise partners with the drive to open and grow a new centre at a location of their choice.

We offer our Franchisees full initial training, covering the business of S.A.M, operations, administration, marketing, staff & recruitment and more.  We also train the Franchisee and up to 3 additional staff members to be Certified Trainers, capable to deliver the program to the same International standard that is expected from all our Trainers.

Franchisees will have ongoing support in all aspects of the business, including continuous training, upgrades and improvements to the program and access to regular marketing campaigns and advertising collateral.

We have strict selection criteria for our Franchisees, but we do not require any formal training or previous experience in education.  Fluency in English, excellent communication skills and a natural Mathematics Aptitude, along with inherent business aptitude are some of the traits we look for in our candidates.  Other considerations are personality and attitude.  To have a mutual beneficial relationship we want our Franchisees to enjoy what they do, and fit into our corporate culture.

At S.A.M our main aim is not to make money (this is an added benefit) – we want to make a difference in young lives by offering students an award winning international mathematics enrichment program.  S.A.M is changing “tutoring” into a more relevant model that will equip students with skills that they need in our modern work environment.  No longer is it important to calculate answers with speed and accuracy – calculators can do that!  Problem solving skills is becoming increasingly important – knowing what to calculate, rather than how to calculate.

S.A.M is growing rapidly on an international scale, with 150+ centres in 16 countries within 6 years.  The quality and value is evident from the awards that S.A.M received, both as a Mathematics Program and as a Franchise Business.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, send us an email or call 1300 726 449 for more information.

The fine print:
The name of the referrer and the fact that they referred the enquirer has to be included in the initial contact/enquiry with us
The referral offer has to be mentioned in the initial contact, if the referrer is interested in a Franchise
The referred party has to convert to a Franchisee
Only Franchises in Western Australia, Queensland, Northern Territories and South Australia qualify
It must be the first time they contact us
First contact must be received by us by 31 August 2018
There is only a limited number of Franchises available
Payment will be made once the Franchise Agreement is final and unconditional
The currency is Australian Dollars
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers
Only one offer per Franchise and/or Franchisee
Full Terms and Conditions available on request
Seriously Addictive Mathematics – WA reserves the right to change or cancel the offer and/or terms and conditions at any time, without notice
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