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Seriously Addictive Mathematics is an enrichment program for 4 – 13 year olds, perfect for:

  • Children who need support to improve their numeracy skills
  • Acceleration for advanced math students
  • Home-schooling students looking for support or a complete program

The program was created by Samuel Chia, Lau Chin Loong and a panel of Singaporean Educators. Based on the world-renowned Singapore Maths methodology, the S.A.M program takes a two-pronged approach; to instil discipline through self-learning, and a holistic classroom experience.

Some of the techniques that make S.A.M so effective are:


Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach

Students engage in fun activities using concrete experiences to connect mathematical concepts with real-life experiences (Concrete). The second step is to relate their new found knowledge to pictures (Pictorial) and lastly to progress to the use of numbers and formulas (Abstract).

Step-up or Scaffolding method

The scaffolding approach uses techniques to move students progressively towards better understanding and increased independence in the learning process. It ensures students master each topic before moving on to the next.

Number bonds

Number bonds are a visual representation of different combinations of numbers that make up a given number.

Bar modelling

Bar modelling is a visual representation, used in the pictorial approach for solving adding and subtraction problems.

What does S.A.M offer?

  • Certified S.A.M trainers

    Carefully selected, passionate educators
    Extensive, ongoing training
    Working with Children Check (WCC) and Police Clearance

  • Small Classes

    Fun environment
    Individualised training
    Each student gets attention from the trainer

  • Trusted program

    Developed by a panel of teachers and educators
    Quality workbooks make learning fun
    More than 100 centres internationally
    Content that is relevant to the Australian Curriculum


What to expect

The program consists of:

  • One weekly lesson in a fun class environment
  • Daily worksheets to be completed at home for practice
  • One optional weekly supervised study session

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Class Duration

One weekly class at your chosen time.

  • Pre-school / Level 0 : 45 minutes
  • Primary levels: 1 hour

Homework Sessions

Homework sessions are available for enrolled S.A.M students to complete S.A.M worksheets in class. One optional weekly homework session of 1 hour is included in the fees.


The program is ongoing and structured into four terms, to coincide with local school terms. You can enrol at any time for a minimum of one term (or the remainder thereof.)  Students attend lessons for 10 weeks, during the school term and receive workbooks to complete during the school holidays.

Cost and payment

Fees are paid in advance per term. Payment via installments available on request.

  • Registration Fee: $30 (Applies to first-time students only)
  • Programme Fee: $480 per term
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