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Group Lessons

Group Lessons

Your local S.A.M Centre might offer Group Lessons in addition to the Individualised lessons that we offer to students in small groups.

What is a group lesson?

A group lesson is conducted with group of students, who are all on the same level.  The group follows a structured program over the course of the term.  All students in the group will progress at the same pace.

How is a group lesson different from individualised lessons?

  1. Individualised lessons:
    • Conducted in small groups, but each student progress at their own pace.
    • Each student in the group will work independently on their assigned topic for the week.
    • The number of workbooks can be adjusted to suit the learning pace of the student.
  2. Group Lessons:
    • The group progress at a set pace
    • Students work on the same topic during the lesson
    • The number of workbooks for the week the same for all students

What happens during the weekly lesson?

Each week during the hour lesson, students will explore new topics using the CPA Approach (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract).  They will complete tasks in their workbooks, based on their classroom activity, while discussing possible answers and solutions with their peers.  Mistakes from the previous week’s workbooks will be corrected and the content reinforced, if necessary.

What are the benefits of a group lesson?

Working in a group of peers, have several benefits for students, here are a few:

  1. Discussing different options and ideas with fellow students broadens their problem-solving skills.
  2. Explaining their methodology to peers and trainers develops their language processing skills.
  3. Having a peer explain a concept often gives students a different perspective on a topic.
  4. Increased confidence to speak and ask in a non-judgmental environment.
  5. By having students in groups of the same ability, they will encourage each other to grow and improve.

What happens if we miss a lesson?

We strongly encourage students to attend all lessons, to have the full benefit of the program, and to keep up with the group.  In the event of illness, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will have the week’s workbooks ready for collection.  Please also return the completed books for marking.  There are no make-up lessons available for group classes.

Is there homework?

Yes, students take the workbooks home, to complete the independent practice sections during the week, and return the completed homework books at the following lesson.  Students should dedicate 20-30 min each day to complete their S.A.M workbooks.

What if my child completes their homework in a few days?

If all the workbooks are completed within a few days, they may rest until their next lesson.

What if my child struggles to complete the homework before the next lesson?

If a student dedicates 20-30 min each day and can’t complete the workbooks by their next lesson, they have the option of attending an hour homework session for additional support.  If the pace is still too quick, the student might be better suited for individualised lessons, where they can progress at their own pace.

What happens if my child can’t keep up with the group or if they find it too easy?

If a student progresses at a different pace than the group, they could be moved to another group on a different level.  Should the student require more flexibility, individualized lessons might be more suitable.

How many students in a group lesson?

Group lessons have a maximum of 12 students per session.  We carefully select and schedule the students to ensure that they are in the best learning environment.

Do I have to attend the same lesson time every week?

Yes, it is important to stay within the same group for the duration of the term, you are only allowed to attend in your chosen lesson time.

If you need to change your lesson time during the term, please discuss with the centre owner to see what the best option would be.

When can I start with group lessons?

Intake for Group lessons is Week 1 and Week 6 of each term.  Enrolment during the term is at the discretion of the centre owner, depending on the results of the initial assessment.

How do I choose between group classes and individualised lessons?

Consider your expectations and your child’s requirements and discuss the suitability of the options with the trainer when you attend your free placement session.

For more information, phone 1300 726 449 or contact your local S.A.M centre.

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