The S.A.M curriculum mirrors most topics taught in Australian schools. The big difference is how these topics are taught. S.A.M takes a holistic approach to teaching maths, and it develops your child’s problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.

Because S.A.M is based on Singapore Maths, it includes these unique and effective techniques:

  • Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach
  • Bar modelling
  • Number bonds
  • Step-up or Scaffolding method

This award-winning program offers the perfect complement to your child’s existing school program.


Jacob has been attending SAM for 8 months now and absolutely loves it. The teachers are so lovely and Jacob has learnt so much and has come so far. He is beyond where he should be at school. This program is great for children that may be struggling and also for those who wish to advance. Jacob loves it so much he now goes twice a week. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone.

S.A.M Mandurah : Clare

Mother of Jacob (Aged 7)

Our daughter has been attending S.A.M. for the last 9 months and in that time her confidence in applying maths principles has increased dramatically which has translated in her overall numeracy skills improving. We’re very happy to have a child who now looks at maths from a positive perspective compared to her pre S.A.M. days of dreading anything maths related.

S.A.M Mandurah : Kym

Mother of Ella (Aged 10)

Since our daughter has commenced with SAM maths her grades have improved and more importantly she has gained confidence and knowledge to assist her as she has entered high school.
“The SAM trainers are great at teaching me maths. They are nice and funny. They are awesome!!” – Isabel

S.A.M Mandurah : Leeann and Graham

Parents of Isabel (Aged 12)



S.A.M’s curriculum is very similar to that of Australian schools. The same topics are simply taught in a different, more effective way, based on Singapore Maths. It is a comprehensive and effective stand-alone curriculum or supplement to an existing school or online maths program.

Even more importantly, we train children to develop an attitude of self-discovery, learning and discipline at a young age. This creates a solid foundation for your child’s education, from primary school through university. The benefits of S.A.M reach far beyond mathematics.

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