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S.A.M is based on the world-renowned Singapore Maths system; a revolutionary shift that took place in 1982 in the Singaporean education system. The new system delivered fantastic results. Singaporean students’ ranking leapt from the lowest in the world for maths and science to the highest.

The old education system focused on procedural and computational maths which relied heavily on the student’s ability to apply memorised procedures and calculations. The Minister of Education understood that future success in maths would depend on the students’ ability to understand and apply mathematical concepts. As a result a new world-class education system that is still used today was created. This system is based on research that shows the best ways to:

  • Teach information
  • To learn information
  • To retain information
  • Understand information

Australia & Singapore’s global Ranking in Maths

Australian Council for Educational Research - FULL REPORTS


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